Love Lane Books

The home of happy ever after.

Founded back in October 2011, Love Lane Books Ltd was originally created to provide a home for the self-published works of m/m romance writer RJ Scott. From 2012 I got on board to provide covers for her self-published stories, many rereleases after the rights were returned to her.

Following on from publishing a few works for myself and Diane Adams, in 2014 Love Lane Books are now expanding their author base, bringing you exciting new titles including ones from Sue Brown, Kay Berrisford and Liam Livings.

Currently, I am resident cover artist for Love Lane Books, or their Art Director, a title they have kindly bestowed on me. Though it was challenging at first having to reimagine covers that were as well loved as the stories, I have been overwhelmed by the positive reactions to the new cover art for RJ's books, and am pleased to enter this new venture with her.


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